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Guild Message of the Day - October 28th
We are now officially set up at ! Please discontinue use of this site, grab any pictures and forums posts you want and move it to the new site and save it on your local drives. This site will go down on November 3rd.

Theoretical Novelty News

By: Elionene - October 31st

We Have Moved

Theoretical Novelty has moved to a new web site! You can find us at:

This site will go away on November 3rd, 2011. 

  • Esoterica: IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT! And I feeeeel fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeee.
By: Elionene - October 21st

Mists of Pandaria Trailer

Fresh from Blizzon

By: Elionene - October 18th

Staghelm Down

He chose poorly. 6/7 in Firelands! Look out, Rag, we're coming for you!

  • Valanavriel: Lol, yes!
  • Marilee: See, Eso is wearing a plate helm from Wrath in your screenshot, too. Both he and Lal were showing up in that Monday night for me. O.o
  • Lal: Whoa.
  • Esoterica: I have my Vrykul Flask macro'ed with Time Warp. :p
  • Lal: =D That's what it is! I was using it too!
  • Esoterica: I'll admit that I was tempted to play along and make it sound like there was some mysterious bug.
By: Elionene - October 18th

Level Up

Huzzah! Only two levels left! And more mats from farming!

  • Zeovalentine: Hehe, nice one. On a similar note, why don't we organize a couple of heroic nights just to push our experience and push to 25. There is no weekly cap now.
  • Lal: NO WEEKLY CAP???? Wow. Yeah, I could do heroics. Specially for orbs on my blacksmith. =D
  • Elionene: Sounds good Zeo, why don't you put up some runs on the in game calendar. :)
By: Elionene - October 18th

Beth'tilac down

Third times a charm for remembering to take a picture!

  • Lal: Haha
By: Elionene - October 3rd

Level Up

Longer flasks for those Firelands raids we're doing so well in. Grats!

  • Valanavriel: Yippee!
By: Elionene - October 3rd

Alysrazor Defeated

Only Staghelm and Ragnaros left!

  • Valanavriel: Woot!
By: Elionene - October 1st

Baleroc Down

4/7 in Firelands!

  • Lal: Beth'tilac too!!
  • Valanavriel: Woot!
  • Zeovalentine: Woo! Grats!
By: Elionene - September 15th

Thunderfury, Blessed blade of the Wind Seeker

Grats to Zeo and the guild on our first legendary! He's been waiting a long time for this!

  • Valanavriel: Woot!
  • Lal: WOO!!!! So proud of you, Zeo!
  • Marilee: THIS! IS! SILITHUS!
By: Elionene - September 15th

Level Up

Summoning made easy! Grats on level 21!

  • Elionene: Sorry this is late. Didn't have a good picture until now!
  • Valanavriel: Love it!

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